Saturday, February 25, 2006

The real reason we're all ready to leave ...

The media center bathrooms are deteriorating.

Around the corner from us, we have eight semi-portable potties. They're definitely a step up from the standard-issue plastic portajohn. In fact, they were borderline luxurious when we got in. For some reason, they have two doors. Open the first, and you have the sink with the occasionally scalding water. Open another, and you have the toilet. So when you're inside, you have a remarkable piece of privacy.

Over two weeks, we've seen a few problems arise aside from the sinks. First, the paper towel holders started to fall off the walls. Then, the paper towel supply started to run out. Between those two, each trip to the potty involved a quick check of the supplies.

Then came the odd part. The seats started to fall off.

So now we have a checklist: Paper towels, seat (if desired) and some tolerable water temperature. It's tough to know what you're getting for the latter, so I've frequently soaped up, put my hands under the water only to withdraw them quickly, then wiped away the soap with the paper towels.

The bathrooms at work won't seem so bad after this.

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