Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Today's funny car conversation

Me and MMM Jr. on the way home:

"Wanna hear La Patzah?!"

"You want to hear what?"

(getting whiny) "La Patzah?!"

"Can you say it slowly so I'll understand?"

"La ... Pat ... zah ...?!"

(I fumble though iPod selections at traffic light, settling on Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes. Hey, Ladysmith Black Mambazo might be saying "La Patzah" in there somewhere.)

"Noooo (wailing) ... La Patzah!!!"

"This isn't it?"

"Noooooooooo ... La Patzah!!!"

(Seeing that I'm going to be at the light for another cycle, I pick up the iPod again and flip through every song in his playlist. It suddenly hits me.)

"Rock Lobster?"

(quietly, not quite sure) "Yes?"

I flip to Rock Lobster. He says "Yeaaaaahhh." I dance for him a bit (it's a lonnnng light -- I've timed it and found that it's green for 30 seconds of a three-minute cycle), and he encourages me to sing. Which he never does.

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Quinn said...

But you love Ladysmith Black Mambazo!