Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tales from the flood

To explain the weather of the past few days in the D.C. area, we turn to the voice of reason on Family Guy, Brian:

You want an explanation? God ... is ... pissed!

Here's a funny story from our day underwater, thanks to an impressive roundup in the Post. Police rescued some people from cars as the waters rose around them. Then two men, defying all human survival instinct, jumped back in the water. And so the police rescued them again.

What happened next, from the Post and a police sergeant:

"These two guys hit the officers, swung on them for no reason," Bergin said, adding that they went back into the raging waters "we think for their cellphones."

They are now safe, dry and in jail.

Quick Family Guy aside: In the episode in which Quagmire is married, they say Mayor Adam West has decreed that all graves be covered in concrete as protection from zombies. Twenty years ago, Adam West was in a film called Zombie Nightmare, which was perfect fodder for Mystery Science Theater 3000 despite the inclusion of Tia Carrere. In this low, low-budget vehicle for bad metal music, West is a police captain. Who turns out to be corrupt. Who turns out to be corrupt because the zombies actually want him. Or something like that.

(Fun read: Check out the comments at IMDB on this film, starting with the behind-the-scenes story from one of the lead actors. The trivia behind that film is fascinating, and everyone seems to have a good sense of humor about how bad it really was.)

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Lex said...

"God ... is ... pissed!"

Betcha won't hear Pat Robertson say that, though. Unless he says the reason is that the Republicans aren't being bigoted FAST enough, or something.