Saturday, December 23, 2006

Timberlake on SNL

A few things we've learned after Justin Timberlake's hosting stint last weekend ...

1. Timberlake is a damn good sketch actor. Almost anyone can be funny in SNL's hands, but few hosts get into the characters as well as he does. He's one small step below the Alec Baldwin / Christopher Walken / Steve Martin stratosphere, and he's a lot younger than those guys.

2. The NYTimes piece making this point veers into pretentiousness, but yes, Timberlake's ability to remake his image is impressive. He could easily be this century's Madonna.

3. The Internet is giving SNL new life. Putting the uncensored (Bleep) in a Box on NBC's official site was a brilliant move -- and apparently lucrative.

4. Some people -- from the Parents Television Council (funny -- I'm a parent, and I don't remember nominating these guys) to snarky bloggers -- will never get it. Their loss.

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Jason said...

Jesus. Heffernan really goes overboard, doesn't she?