Saturday, March 24, 2007

Song for a sad day

The NCAA Tournament is bloody unfair when you get right down to it. On the men's side, my team has had some good luck (especially my senior year) and bad luck. On the women's side ... geez.

I can't actually talk about it. So instead, I'm offering a video full of humorously overstated melancholy.

If anything is getting you down today, this will help. Enjoy.


Neel Mehta said...

I may or may not be able to write about the Rutgers loss tomorrow. I'm taking it pretty hard, and I'm glad someone out there understands.

Michael said...

We, your readers, like you. Then you have to keep reminding us you went to Duke. Why would you do that?

bdure said...


(A) Neel and I are trying to let people know that some Dukies aren't obnoxious brats.

(B) I've accomplished little of significance in 15 years of gainful employment and therefore, like some high school football legend, still derive too much of my identity from my school.

(That said, I don't talk much about the men's team. I covered the women's team when they had maybe 100 people in the stands, and I've watched them grow slowly and steadily over the years to their current status as the pre-2004 Red Sox.)

Quinn said...

Oy, pre-2004 Red Sox? I'm aching.