Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lyrics quiz

I know, you'll all end up Googling or Yahooing this one.

Name the band that came up with this:

Bible-punching heavyweight
Evangelistic boxing kangaroo
Orangutan and anaconda
Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and even Pluto, too


Mrs. MMM said...

I know it.
But then, we have the VHS.

medic8r said...

I actually got this one, I think, without the help of Google or any web shenanigans.

I know it's the Rutles. Funny, at first I pictured John Lennon, thinking, "A-Ha! I am the Walrus!" Then when I got to the comments, I thought again.

Is it Cheese and Onions?

medic8r said...

Dang. Looked it up via Google and now know the real answer. So close!

Dave Lifton said...

I didn't need to Google it.

Neel Mehta said...

I did. When I Googled it, I got this page. Vicious circle!

bdure said...

Neel -- What search words were you using? I couldn't find myself at Google or Yahoo. (That sounds like an existential crisis, doesn't it?)

Dave -- I found a Blogcritics item on the Rutles, but it was some other guy. No idea what he was saying.

medic8r -- How about this: "There've been times when I've peed in your sink ..."

Neel Mehta said...

You can't find yourself on some search engine. You need to look within!

I highlighted "Bible-punching heavyweight" and right-clicked a Google search; there you were on page 1.

I see now that you've disappeared from the search results. Maybe Google favored you when the post was new? I have no idea.