Monday, August 01, 2005

Injustice alert

Watching the NewsRadio DVDs provides all the evidence needed that Emmy voters are a bit numb in the head. This series received exactly three Emmy nominations -- two for costume design (winning one) and one well-deserved bid for Phil Hartman.

Forget Sam and Diane, wonderful as they were at times. Forget Ross and Rachel. Forget Bull and whichever female bailiff was currently alive on Night Court. The most entertaining screen couple of our generation was Dave (Dave Foley) and Lisa (Maura Tierney). Foley was always the deadpan master on The Kids in the Hall, and Tierney's portrayal of an ambitious reporter who can't quite conceal her freakish side should make us all wish that the humorless, child-hating producers on E.R. would let her do more funny scenes. That mix made their bickering -- which, as it turned out, was a turn-on for Dave -- have a certain absurd edge that fit in perfectly with the workplace.

Great, well-crafted escapist fun.

Just had to vent.

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