Sunday, November 06, 2005

In defense of Lucy

Because I have a small child, I've watched It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown roughly 35 times in the last two weeks.

Sometime around the 30th viewing, it occurred to me that Lucy is actually a more complex moral character than we usually think. Here's why -- while trick-or-treating (or "tricks-or-treating," as they say it), Lucy asks for more candy for her blockhead brother, Linus, who is in the pumpkin patch ... well ... you know the story.

Charlie Brown, on the other hand, knows perfectly well that his little sister also is in the pumpkin patch. Does he ask for an extra piece of candy for Sally? Noooo.

Yes, I know, as our little one says of Charlie Brown, "I gottoo ROCK!!!" But we have to ask this -- are the rocks in the trick-or-treat bag a kind of karmic payback for the fact that he isn't looking out for his little sister? Or, if he had asked, would he just have a bunch of extra rocks?

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