Thursday, April 05, 2007

One-song VH1 Classic live blog

No time to do a full-fledged live blog, but one video just can't pass without comment ...

WOMAN ON STREET (slightly panicked): "What's going on in there?"

STEREOTYPICAL SOUTHERN COP: "I wouldn't worry about it, ma'am. It's just dem Damn Yankees!"

(Damn Yankees? Hey, I heard about this band! They've got Tommy Shaw from Styx! And Jack Blades -- well, Night Ranger sometimes rocks! And Ted Nu ... NUGENT!! This'll be some badass rock here!!!)

Cut to Jack Blades, wearing sunglasses that look like some sort of lab equipment. He sings: "I don't wanna hear about it ... anymore ..."

Oh, thank heavens the police have this under control!

This video goes through more phases than Pfiesteria:

- Cops cordoning off the street with a 10-48 in progress -- '80s supergroup shooting a video for a power ballad

- Band is suddenly outside, possibly because the director realized they're not shooting Sunglasses at Night, and the band looked silly wearing shades in the house

- Unknown couple making out. Apparently some sort of Romeo & Juliet storyline ... I wasn't really paying attention.

- Nugent reminds us that yes, he really did join up with these guys. He steps onto the porch to play a solo that causes electrical appliances to short out and soda cans to tip as if shot by BBs.

- Unknown couple is being chased by ... the police? Not sure. (Coincidentally, Don't Stand So Close to Me is now on.)

- Someone's on Death Row for some reason. Blades and Shaw still emoting about being taken high enough. So apparently, this woman is on Death Row for ... what? Not selling drugs? "Having been found guilty by a jury of your peers for failing to give '80s rockers a steady supply of coke and pills, you have been sentenced to death ..."

- And apparently Nugent is the priest reading Scripture as the woman is carted off to whatever execution method this state uses? He stops ... he mugs for the camera.

Oh, that badass Nugent! Just when you think he's gone all soft on us, there he is, subversely playing a Death Row priest!

Rock and roll!!!!


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Michael said...

You are not doing the Nuge solo any justice.

The police are firing on the house, and Nugent is returning fire, with ROCK!