Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Why you should read Mellow Gold

I don't usually apologize for infrequent blogging because I'm not paid for it (not here, anyway) and people who want to reach me and inquire about my health can usually reach me with little trouble. But this week, I'll apologize. It's been the perfect storm of work and family concerns.

Whenever I find a bit of time, I'll do my next song of the day (it'll be Poe's Haunted, in case you want to prepare in advance) or sum up just how utterly freaking brilliant the season finale of Friday Night Lights was.

In the meantime, if you haven't been reading Jason's Mellow Gold series, please start now. The guy takes forgotten musical artifacts and nails down the back story. If I were running VH1 and stumbled upon his blog, I would drive to his apartment (or house, I don't know) and say, "Here's $250,000. We'll pay expenses. Please take over our prime-time programming."



Neel Mehta said...

Just $250,000?

I'm not sure if Mellow Gold is what VH1 is all about, but maybe VH1 should be that way.

If anything, I'd call it an intentionally less rockin' version of Rolling Stone.

medic8r said...

Happy Birthday, Beau!

Hope you had a good one.


Jason said...

Damn, man. That's some high praise. I'm truly flattered.

I will refer to this post the next time I'm trying to pick a track and thinking, "...but these ALL suck!"