Monday, August 06, 2007

Soccer fans have better musical taste

So I was reading something random that popped up on one of my Yahoo feeds, and I found myself nodding along. It's a review of two Pretenders albums -- their best (Learning to Crawl) and the beginning of the decline (Get Close) -- nailing what's good about the former and what's wrong with the latter. It even recognizes one of the great underrated guys in rock, hard-hitting drummer Martin Chambers.

The byline didn't jump out at me. But when I reached the end, I realized I knew the blogger -- not from school, work or some random musical thing, but from the D.C. United pressbox.

Proof, once again, that soccer fans are simply the epitome of hip.

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Fred Gregory said...

I wonder if the Pretenders get residuals every time Rush Limbaugh uses their " My City Was Gone " as his bumper?