Sunday, November 04, 2007

An unscientific survey

Far be it for me to question the methodology of polls, particularly as a proud employee of a company that relies so heavily on them.

But the current polls have me confused and wondering if I'm completely out of touch with real Americans.

And so I'd like to take an unscientific survey of my own, just for my edification.

First and only question: Do you know anyone who actually plans to vote for Hillary Clinton?

Disclaimer: I'm not intending to reveal anything about my own political views. I'm just wondering if and how the people I know and read about, with the exception of a few Hollywood types with big checkbooks for political donations, intersect so little with the apparent political majority at this point in time.

1 comment:

Neel Mehta said...

Hey, she's got my vote.

(And by "she's got my vote," I mean that I will fake my enthusiasm to support a candidate whose predetermined success is purely a media construct, and a bit of Republican wish-fulfillment, seeing as how they'll win people over with the argument that voting against Hillary isn't anti-woman, it's anti-bitch.)