Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Overheard on Dylan's radio show

We're debating whether to keep our XM subscription. A couple of local radio stations have responded to the satellite challenge with outstanding new formats, and we've had trouble picking up the signal in the living room since remodeling.

So I'm checking out the online version this morning, and I've finally had a chance to listen to Bob Dylan's show. It's wild stuff. Snippets of obscure songs and Dylan striking a hipster comedian pose, sneaking in little jokes like this ...

"A lot of people don't celebrate Christmas, like my friend Dexter Quinn. You know his favorite Christmas movie? Coincidence on 34th Street."

Not an original joke, but hearing Dylan tell it before seguing into a musing on how we "don't heard much about myrrh these days" is a unique experience.

This is why XM needs to make its original shows available on demand online for subscribers. Renewing our subscription would be a no-brainer if they did that.


Brian said...


They are starting some podcasts at iTunes. Not much of a choice yet, but if we yell enough, they may expand it.

Lex said...

I gave up XM after my car radio died, but I enjoyed it while I had it. I particularly could have used the NFL broadcasts this fall, because I spent a lot of Sunday afternoons in places where there was no TV or where the Panthers game wasn't available.