Friday, June 10, 2005

Coldplay redux

The Pareles review is nicely deconstructed at Down With Snark, a blog worth watching.

Less convincing is the review at The Washington Post, which seems to suggest that Coldplay has left behind its British melancholy, and that's too bad:

Somebody should have warned Coldplay's Chris Martin about the uplifting perils of parenthood. Once one of Brit-pop's great introspective brooders, the new papa has apparently learned that there just isn't time anymore for mopey-dopey woes about society's inherent loneliness and related existential misery. Not when there's one diaper left and Target closes in 10 minutes.

Speaking as a parent, I can tell you that few things can induce existential misery more effectively than a diaper emergency. You spend 20 years in school getting all kinds of degrees, and suddenly you start to think of yourself as a failure because you haven't adequately coped with your offspring's poop.

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Michael said...

Thank you for the kind words re: DWS. Two things re the bassline review above (Kudos for recognizing the importance of the low end. Good bass=good music)

1. Primus has better basslines than Wynona, I'm partial to the Seas of Cheese era stuff like Tommy the Cat and Is it Luck?

2. For the best recent era bassline I've heard of late, listen to a song called "Comeback (Slight Return)" by Josh Rouse, discoriffic.

Also, I love Amy Ray's version of Romeo & Juliet, can't think of it as the same animal as Knopfler's.