Monday, June 13, 2005

Pigs fly, the Cubs win the Series, etc.

Which is more surprising -- Keith Olbermann doing a new show for ESPN or Pink Floyd reuniting for Live 8?

I suppose I'd go with Olbermann because it's a long-term deal and because a broadcaster-network relationship isn't unique. ESPN could sign other guys and Olbermann could sign with other networks, so there's less reason to get back together. Pink Floyd always faced questions of whether David Gilmour and Roger Waters would ever speak to each other again -- not true for Olbermann and ESPN.

Still, the thought of seeing two guys on stage after couple of decades trashing each other is pretty strange. Wonder how they'll pick a set list?

If I were Waters, I'd walk into rehearsal and say, "OK, gentlemen, let's play five songs from The Final Cut. No matter that you guys barely played on it -- it WAS the last album we did together, after all." Then I'd pause, then I'd break out laughing and say I was kidding. That'd break the ice. Just don't make that pause too long.

The blogosphere would have something to say about it if any non-political bloggers in the world were over 25. I wonder how many kids are thinking, "I like Pink, but who's this Floyd guy?"

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