Monday, July 18, 2005

Great TV quotes, Part 38

(OK, I haven't done the other 37 yet, but I'll get to them.)

This is from what might be the greatest Family Guy to date -- the Renaissance Fair episode.

DRILLMASTER: You love the Middle Ages, don't you?

PETER: Sir, yes Sir!

DRILLMASTER: The concept of a geocentric universe gets you sexually excited, doesn't it?

PETER: Sir, yes Sir!

DRILLMASTER: You wanna make 16th century mathematician Johannes Kepler your BITCH, don't you?

PETER: Sir, yes Sir!

One of the best sight gags in a Family Guy comes later, when the Fair's resident floozy asks Peter to take a gander under her frock. Peter disappears for a moment and returns with a gander, which lets loose a nice "honk!" as Peter nonchalantly tosses it up her skirt.

The jealous Black Knight, voiced by Will Ferrell with a metallic echo, arrives on the scene. "Madeleine! Go wait in the Hyundai!"

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