Thursday, July 07, 2005

Tribute to London

I've always loved England, and I've always loved London. Today, I love them even more.

The mistake the terrorists have made is this -- they have struck people who are resilient and determined to ensure their civilization endures. The trains are already starting to run again. The Underground, sprawled out and better equipped to deal with this sort of thing than the typical U.S. system, will survive.

London has suffered great tragedies in its past. The fire. The plague. Bombings during World War II. IRA terrorist attacks. It survives as the greatest city in the world because its people insist upon it. They're not prone to histrionics. They know how to pull together to restore the routines that London residents and tourists cherish. The restoration of daily routine will be a great comfort to all.

I've seen the city in mourning -- by coincidence, my first visit to London fell on the same weekend as Princess Diana's funeral. The entire city shut down to mourn. And then rose again.

I'm confident today that the message of resilience London will send in the weeks and months to come is greater than any message the terrorists think they've sent.

The best revenge is living well. Over here across the Atlantic, I'll raise a glass in tribute to those who've been lost, then another to those who take that sweet revenge.

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