Sunday, October 09, 2005

Live blogging off SNL

OK, so it's the big occasion -- Ashlee Simpson returning to the scene of the crime ...

Oh, wait ... isn't that Jewel? No? It's really Ashlee Simpson? Oh. Seriously, it's not Jewel? OK.

It's as if her hair has gone hip-hop but her face and fingernails have gone Goth. And she's singing a power ballad. She has every '80s demographic covered, I guess.

I didn't dislike her before her SNL appearance. As far as disposable pop goes, her stuff wasn't as bad as most. I'd feel sorry for her if ... well ... if she wasn't begging us to feel sorry for her.

The main thing I wanted to see with Ashlee was whether the drummer who hit the wrong button was still employed by her. Didn't seem to be.

The rest of show really isn't that good. I liked the fake ad, but the most of the sketches have had really thin premises. And Horatio on Weekend Update? I defend SNL most of the time, but they're limping out of the gate this year.

Oh, and Harriet Miers doesn't remind me of my mom. She reminds me of Mrs. Landingham from The West Wing.

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