Friday, October 07, 2005

100 and counting

Here are the first 99 posts of Mostly Modern Media (formerly Mostly Modern Music) in a nutshell:

- 100 things about me: 1-34, 35-67, 68-... uh ... oops ... guess I'd better write that

- XM radio channel reviews: 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s (and I can't forget my head-scratching over their overplayed extended dance mix of EBN-OZN)

- MMM Hall of Fame: Fishbone's The Reality of My Surroundings

- What I'd have on my rider if I were a big-shot musician

- The world's whiniest blog

- My dream TV network

- Why Blender blows. And so do political blogs. And so do my fantasy baseball teams. But Live8 did not.

- Sentimellencamp

- How Simpsons Homer-vs.-Marge episodes have declined

- Chipotle and the decline of Western Civilization

- Dane Cook vs. Tom Cruise ... frankly, Katie's better off with the former. I'd be oh so happy if the kid turned out to be Dane's.

- Concert prices that don't make sense

- Joni Mitchell, overrated. Molly Hatchet, underrated.

- Great bass lines

- The same Richard Posner piece with comments from October in which I'd forgotten the comments I'd made in August, providing ample evidence for senility or schizophrenia. Or both. (Cue Larry Miller: "You've just spend 30 minutes arguing FOR artificial turf.")

- Video games as surrogate wives, and bad ones at that

- Emo, emasculation and learning to play the damned instruments

- All I ever really need to say about media bias (except that I forgot to link to Andrew Cline's primer demonstrating that the discussion about such things is oversimplified, and I left out Matt Welch's brilliant Reason piece that concludes "the hunt for ideology becomes an ideology." Or, as Vaclav Havel is quoted in the same piece: "Why bother with the never ending, genuinely hopeless search for truth when a truth can be had so readily, all at once, in the form of an ideology or doctrine? Suddenly it is all so simple. Think of all the difficult questions which are answered in advance!"). OK, NOW that's all I ever really need to say about it.

- And last but certainly not least, a lyrical comparison of the spiritual themes in Yes' epic Close to the Edge and Gwen Stefani's tale of cheerleading and fruit, Hollaback Girl.

Thanks to both of my regular readers and those of you who stumbled here by searching for "sexy Jenna Fischer" (hey, I'm smitten as well), "lizard king," "gabe kaplan," "Rachael Ray" or "curious george picture overhauls."


Eric Stratton said...

I suppose you are not really anxious to hear " oh, how could so and so be slighted " but Over The Mountain ( Across The Sea ) written by Rex Garvin and first recorded by Johnnie & Joe did make it to # 8 in 1957.

And the Clovers had a series of popular hits in the '50s. They were at the Apollo dozens of times, toured the US non-stop and even hit Europe. Today a sample of their '50s hits can be found on a CD " Down In The Alley " ( Blue Vevet; One Mint Julep; Devil or Angel; Good Loving ; Fool,Fool,Fool;
Middle of the Night ; Your Cash Aint Nothing But Trash; Crawlin'; Don't You Know I Love You )

misterdoowoop said...

Eric is spot on. The Clovers were pioneers. It was soul in the 50s and still is today.