Saturday, September 24, 2005

The 100, part 2

35. I've never been drunk.
36. I've also never done drugs, though I did attend an indoor Pink Floyd concert, which is roughly the same thing. (I actually thought the pig was coming to get me.)
37. Girls weren't interested in me in high school, as much as their parents tried to convince them otherwise.
38. My skepticism in today's sophisticated communication tools stems from the fact that our species has not yet mastered the turn signal.
39. I think the best comment on what it means to be a man is the movie Bull Durham.
40. I ran cross-country in high school.
41. I also played chess and was active in drama.
42. Today, I'm a half-decent volleyball player.
43. I know a fair amount of geography, but I have a few gaps in knowledge. Until this year, I thought the Hamptons were a mountain range.
44. I understand the game of cricket.
45. I'm fairly tall, but I have short arms and small hands.
46. Now that Mitch Hedberg has died far too young, I think the best stand-up comic working today is Dane Cook.
47. Few blogs really hold my interest.
48. I prefer the mountains to the beach.
49. I can stack more than 20 pennies on my elbow, flip my arm forward and catch them.
50. Back in the days I attended movies, I saw both Con Air and The Avengers. The critics thought The Avengers was hilariously awful, but frankly, I thought Con Air was just as bad.
51. If being an elitist means that I value the opinion of someone who has done research over that of someone who hasn't, then I'm an elitist. People who turn to Harvard professors over talk-radio hosts have nothing to apologize for.
52. Ending a sentence in a preposition doesn't bother me.
53. I've been known to shout, "I am the Lizard King! I can do anything!" at inappropriate times.
54. I often find that, in movies, people who have guns pointed at them really have nothing to lose by going ahead and doing whatever they were going to do before the gun was pointed. I mean, did Frank Whaley really think he'd be able to talk Samuel L. Jackson out of putting about 20 bullets in him?
55. This was my mom's age when she passed away from lung cancer. I was 25.
56. DJs don't really impress me.
57. If not for my family, I would've seriously considered moving to England sometime in the past 10 years.
58. If it's at all feasible to take a trip by train instead of car, I'll do it.
59. I'm not normally a violent guy, but the guy who yells "I ... LOVE YOU, TOO!!" for NFL highlights on SportsCenter really should be punched in the face.
60. I'm personally offended by the gender stereotyping in many beer commercials. Of course, most American beer sucks, anyway. (From Monty Python: "American beer is like making love in a canoe ...")
61. In high school, I filmed football and basketball games for the coaching staffs, and I often added special effects like untimely zooms and perception-challenging shots of the ceiling. We weren't that good, and in retrospect, I wonder if that was my fault.
62. I don't care if Lorne Michaels is the most frightening boss in the world -- I'd love to be on Saturday Night Live.
63. I like bridges, and one day, I want to find the one in North Carolina that looked like it was ascending into the clouds.
64. I do an inordinate amount of shopping at Old Navy.
65. My CDs are alphabetical.
66. I had a cat who lived to be 18 and a dog who was close to 17.
67. I'm right-handed in every respect except that I eat with my left.

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