Monday, September 12, 2005

Settle the debate

Mrs. MMM and I saw the video for the Fountains of Wayne song Stacy's Mom, the best homage to being in lust with an older woman since ... well, whenever the last one was written. It's not much of a song. The video features a woman cavorting in a bikini while the neighbor kid undergoes a sexual awakening.

Mrs. MMM: "I like this video. It reminds me of Van Halen's Hot for Teacher."

MMM: "I like this video. It reminds me of shopping for cantaloupes."

Toward the end, the video is an homage to Fast Times at Ridgemont High, with the mom (one difference from the Phoebe Cates version is that the bikini top -- what there is of it -- stays on) walking slowly out of a pool while the kid is "caught" in the George Costanza / Judge Reinhold sense.

I made the point that anyone young enough to catch this video doesn't remember Fast Times. Mrs. MMM thinks otherwise, though she concedes that it's not passed down through the generations to the same degree as, say, Animal House.

Any opinions?

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Michael said...

Your wife is correct, Fast Times has a life beyond Gen X. It will haunt Sean Penn and Jennifer Jason Leigh until the day they die, and keep Judge Reinhold in hookers and tequila well into his twilight years.

I was a little young for it when it came out, but I caught it in college. I think everyone catches it in college, and anyone who doesn't probably stumbles across the (integral) Phoebe Cates out of the pool scene on some celebrity porn website. The Phoebe Cates out of the pool scene is zeitgeist. It's like E.T. phoning home, or the end of Scarface, with boobs.

Stacy's Mom in the video is Rachel Hunter. She has a daughter (with Rod Stewart *shudder*) old enough to slum around with Paris Hilton. She's remarkably well preserved, Rod Stewart cannot say the same.