Friday, September 30, 2005

The whiniest blog in the world?

It's one thing to make the occasional complaint about Washington's Metro system. When you have a mass transit operation run by so many jurisdictions that don't really party together, you're bound to have ... well, something that begins with "cluster" and ends with an euphemism. Little wonder it's taking so long to get an extension out in the vicinity of the massive work/shopping hub of Tysons Corner, let alone Dulles Airport.

But I'd say 90 percent of my experience with the Metro has been positive. Apparently this guy sees it differently.

Here's a sample:

As predicted, Metro officials believe that the higher gas prices following hurricanes Katrina and Rita have been a significant factor in an increase in Metrorail ridership though the month of September. The highest ridership so far was 731,028 people on September 21st. Also, weekend ridership has increased by 25 percent.

Wow, that's amazing that Metro can do math. Metro was actually able to come
to the conclusion that people are taking public transit more because driving has gotten to (sic) expensive because of gas prices? I'm shocked!

I'm surprised he didn't complain about the drivers announcing, upon leaving Vienna, that the next station is Dunn Loring. Where else would we be going?

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