Monday, January 16, 2006

From today's listening

1. Something that still haunts me to this day -- am I the only one who realizes how much Peter Gabriel borrowed from Superstition when he recorded Sledgehammer?

2. Of all the tangled band histories I keep in my head, one of the least sensical is Concrete Blonde's. The deep, dark voice of a female bassist-singer backed by one guy who used to be in Sparks and another from Roxy Music? That would be like forming a new supergroup with Fiona Apple, Greg Lake and ... I don't know, Andrew Ridgley?

3. Speaking of Fiona Apple, I'm going to start keeping an ear out for Rachael Yamagata, who sounds an awful lot like her but seems to rock ever so slightly more. I caught 1963 on XM's The Loft today, and that led me to her site. She's apparently a local of sorts (born in Arlington).

4. There's really a band called Morningwood? Seriously? I guess Beavis and Butthead were more influential than we all realized.

5. Early contender for MMM Band of the Year in 2006 is Carbon Leaf. I haven't dug into the back catalog yet, but I'm not sure these guys are capable of doing a bad song. They have a fun site as well -- I know one lurker in these parts will enjoy reading about their gear. And you have to love a band so obviously serious about their music but still light-hearted to the point of making a video featuring a tumbleweed.


Neel Mehta said...

I don't know your opinion of the show Smallville, but sometimes its music is right up your alley. They've used the Stereophonics several times, and Rachael Yamagata once. Let me know if you want a .wmv file of "Reason Why."

chip said...

I always think Fiona is on my iPod and it turns out to be Rachel. I think you would like her.