Friday, October 13, 2006

Underrated bands: Dubstar

No longer around, though their official site intriguingly says "Dubstar 2007" ... and nothing else. Lead singer Sarah Blackwood -- who has a lilting voice with affectations of her English accent, like a more polished Bananarama -- is in another band now.

I gather that Stars was their biggest hit. It's one of those gorgeous synth-and-bass songs with a dreamy vocal.

My favorite Dubstar song isn't available anywhere that I've found -- not on iTunes, not on YouTube, not on Rhapsody. Just on Launch. It's Just a Girl She Said. The lyrics -- a tidy bit of frustration over guys who can't see anything in women beyond quick pick-up and toss-away -- have extra impact in the lush keyboard setting that is exactly what you would not expect from a quick read.

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