Thursday, October 05, 2006

Where are they now: Velocity Girl

No idea about the rest of the band, but after There's Only One Thing Left to Say popped up twice on iTunes today, I checked AllMusic and MySpace for Sarah Shannon, the lead singer. AllMusic says she's doing solo work that sounds like Carole King. MySpace confirms it.

And ... it sounds pretty good. I'd like to hear this on XMCafe or some of the other online/satellite radio options that confuse "laid-back" with "mopey."

Incidentally, I have one major complaint with MySpace. It's UGLY. Just nasty-looking pages throughout. Search results pages look like those URL-squatting pages that try to shove spyware on your hard drive when you mistype something. ("Middnight Oil tickets from / Is your hard drive infected? / Enlarge your penis!" -- that sort of thing)

1 comment:

Jason said...

I refuse to create a MySpace page, even though people (especially other musicians) are always asking me why I don't have one. They're disgustingly ugly.